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"I'm simply an artist who genuinely cares about giving my customers the best tattoo and overall experience that I possibly can."

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About Jay

Since a child, I've dedicated the majority of my time studying, practicing, and perfecting many different artforms. I'm always trying my best to develop a style that is recognizable as my own.  


As a teenager, I became friends with another local artist named Andy Sayles (RIP) who introduced me to the art of graffiti.  It wasn't until this point that I started turning my doodles and sketches into serious works of art on public walls for many to see.


At age 18, I took the skills I learned from Andy as well as the knowledge I accumulated over the years and began drawing tattoo flash.  I've always been a fan of tattoos, so the transition from graffiti to tattoos felt natural.  After designing tattoos for friends over the years and doing research on different tattoo styles, I decided to take my new found love for tattoos and put together a portfolio of my art in search of a tattoo apprenticeship.  


In 2005, I was offered an apprenticeship in Fort Myers, Florida and was given the opportunity to learn from some of the best artists the industry has to offer.  In 2010, I moved back home to Waukesha, Wisconsin to be closer to family and give my two kids some snow to play in.  


I'm currently working at Rockstar Tattoo & Co.  I was recently given the opportunity to be featured in Tattoo Master Magazine as well as given the amazing gift of a sponsorship from my good friend Ernie D of Deluxe Irons (who makes the most beautiful and reliable tattoo machines that have ever graced my hands) as well as Ogg Supply Co who make amazing tattoo care products. I also tour the country working tattoo conventions and enjoy being a featured judge for some tattoo competitions. 




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