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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?


Generally, the average sized tattoo will take about 10-14 days to heal up.  If the tattoo is large or the session was long, the tattoo may take up to a month to heal depending on the customer's skin and how well they take care of it.



How do I take care of my tattoo after I leave the shop?


An hour after leaving the shop, remove your bandage and wash the tattoo under warm water using a liquid antibacterial soap, then rinse the tattoo under cold water. Hot to open the pores to remove blood and plasma, and cold to close the pores to minimize buildup causing thick scabbing (very important). After you wash your tattoo or anytime it gets wet, make sure you pat dry with paper towel only (no bath towels). The night you receive your tattoo, wash again with luke warm water and a liquid antibacterial soap, pat it dry, then apply a thin coat of Aquaphor over the tattoo an hour later. Aquaphor is greasy, so the key is to rub it into the skin until you can no longer feel it on your fingers or the tattoo. Repeat the wash, wait an hour, then Aquaphor the next morning and before bed on day two.  On day three until your tattoo is healed, you'll continue the wash, but I want you to stop using Aquaphor and switch to fragrance free Aveeno lotion. You can apply it anytime it feels dry or itchy, but continue rubbing it into the tattoo until its completely absorbed.



Can I take anything to dull the pain?


I do not recommend taking any drugs before getting the tattoo. If you're concerned about the pain, you can contact me for a list of numbing products that I recommend. If you decide to use a product that I do not recommend and you come in for your scheduled appointment with skin irritation, I will not tattoo you and you'll need to put down another deposit to reschedule. I'm confident in my recommendations and don't want to have the tattoo negatively affected due to a product I do not trust.



Do I need to leave a tip?


Tips are not required but a common way to tell your tattoo artist that you appreciate the effort they put into making your tattoo look as good as it does.  15-20% is average for the service industry, but again, not required. 



I'm pregnant, can I still get tattooed?


When you are pregnant or still breast feeding, your bloodstream is going to directly effect the baby.  If you get a tattoo and it becomes infected, the baby doesn't have the same level of immunity in their systems as we do, so it can be harmful and potentially deadly to the child.


How much is the tattoo going to cost?


All tattoos done by me are completely based on time.  I typically charge $200/hour and have a minimum of $150.  If you're getting tattooed by me at a convention, I have a $200 minimum and charge $250/hour.  Some tattoos are small but have lots of detail making the tattoo very time consuming and some tattoos are large and are able to be applied quickly. Once a design is drawn up to size, I can give a better idea of the cost in most cases. All appointments require a deposit that is applied to the cost of your completed tattoo at the last session. The cost of the deposit depends on the amount of time needed for the tattoo or the number of appointments needing to be scheduled.



Are there any tattoos you won't do?


I refuse to do anything race or gang related.  My name is on every tattoo that I perform and my name and reputation mean more to me than the money you can put in my wallet.  I reserve the right to deny a customer for any reason.  If there is a tattoo idea that is presented to me that I'm not interested in doing or is out of my realm of abilities, I will refer you to another artist who I feel will better suit your needs. As far as styles go, I don't do traditional Japanese or Chinese tattoos nor do I do color watercolor tattoos (black and gray only).



Is there anywhere you won't tattoo on the body?


I won't tattoo necks, the bottom of feet, the palm of the hand or the inside of the lip.



Can I go swimming or tanning after getting tattooed?


I recommend to wait at least 3 weeks after getting a tattoo to submerge in water or expose to light.  If all the scabs fall off and the skin over the tattoo is shiny, then continue to wait until after the shinyness has subsided.  This shiny skin is called a secondary scab and is a sign that your tattoo is not done healing.



How long do I have to wait before working out after getting a tattoo?  


I recommend to wait a couple weeks before working out.  The reason for this is that your body sweats out toxins that you don't want coming in contact with your tattoo.  Also, sweat will potentially cause too much moisture entering the skin causing some ink to seep out of the pores causing inkless spots in your healed tattoo.





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